Start at login

Watts has the capability to start at login but due to the fact that it is an app in the App Store, its behaviour on this regard is a bit peculiar. Here we will list some details that may answer some questions.

Watts 2 does not appear in the list of apps to launch at login.

Yes, that is normal. The mechanism that Apple provides to enable the launch at login capability is design to be hidden and control only by the application that enables the feature. Here you can find more details, specially the sentence:

“Login items installed using the Service Management framework are not visible in System Preferences and can only be removed by the application that installed them.”

If you want to have Watts 2 in that list of apps you can add it by yourself but in this case we recommend to disable it in the Watts 2 Preferences, since both are different mechanisms. We understand that this is a bit strange.

We recommend Watts 2 to be located in the /Applications folder, but in any case, the launch at login mechanism should work even if you move Watts to a different location.

The launch at login mechanism in Watts 2 will launch the app using its bundle ID, no its name or path. Watts 2 and Watts 1 has the same bundle ID so it may happen that if you have both installed then Watts 1 gets launched instead of Watts 2. The solution for this is to remove Watts 1 from your MacBook.