Migrating from Watts 1.x

Watts 2 will automatically import you existing data from Watts 1, so you will be able to see it in the new interface. For you to have all the information related to this process, here you will find the details on how this happen and where your data is at every moment.

Originally your Watts 1 data can be found in a folder with the following path (~/Library/Application Support/com.binarytricks.watts). There you will find a file called savedStatus.plist that contains all the information of your history and calibrations. On first launch Watts 2 will perform the standard Apple recommended migration. First thing, it will copy that folder to the following location ~/Library/Containers/com.binarytricks.watts/Data/Library/Application Support/com.binarytricks.Watts/watts1 (pretty long, huh?) so that your data is not lost. Then it will migrate it to the new Watts 2 format.

From that moment on, Watts 1 won’t work as before since its folder is not in its location anymore. Because Watts 2 is a sandboxed app we do not have a way to copy back these files, but you could do it by yourself if you wish. If you want Watts 1 to work as before you can copy the com.binarytricks.watts folder to its original location before running Watts 1.

Can I retry the migration?

Notice that, since it is Apple’s framework doing the job, Watts 2 will only attempt this migration the first time it is launched, and not anymore. So there is not automatic way to repeat the migration process. But you can do it manually, if needed. You need to be aware that the data in Watts 2 will be lost (not in Watts 1). To repeat the migration again, follow these steps:

  1. Copy back the com.binarytricks.watts folder, from ~/Library/Containers/com.binarytricks.watts/Data/Library/Application Support/com.binarytricks.Watts/watts1 to ~/Library/Application Support. Make yourself sure that the final path of the status file is (~/Library/Application Support/com.binarytricks.watts/savedStatus.plist
  2. Delete the folder ~/Library/Containers/com.binarytricks.watts (here, you are deleting Watts 2 data. It will be created again on next run)
  3. Run Watts 2 again